Meet Michelle

Hi! I’m Michelle

I have spent the past 10 years of my life writing in some form or another.  In college I wrote about Jane Austen novels, Shakespeare,  and Emily Dickinson ...

After college, I spent a very busy five years writing about politics. I covered the 2008 presidential election, and conducted interviews with high profile businessmen and politicians.  I've appeared on Fox News and MSNBC to discuss my reporting. Currently I am a media gal at a think tank in Washington, DC.

(Are you sleeping yet? It gets better I promise)

In 2010, I started “That’s so Michelle” as place to write about things that I felt -- as a serious journalist -- I didn't know how to write about yet.

Fun things
like my family and friends and my love for food and entertaining.

Just like so many young women I  love un-serious things like coffee, shoes, nail polish and yoga. That's so Michelle is a place where I can confidently share those things with you and maybe learn a thing or two about photography in the process.
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