Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Jello Shots

What could be better than strawberry shortcake? How about strawberry shortcake infused with cake flavored vodka in jello shot form!

Yes . . .  we really did this.

Once again I can't take credit for this jello shot idea, my better half has been channeling his boozy creativity and I'm grateful for his crazy, beautiful mind.

"Baby, the jello will sink right through the cake though, " I said.

"Well why don't you cover it up with some strawberry flavored cream cheese as a barrier,"  he replied matter of factly.

So smart!

Just like the drunken donuts I think these would be fun for a boozy brunch or bridal shower.

I, on the other hand, ate them on Sunday just for the heck of it (really though, we couldn't let them go to waste after we tested the recipe out).

I was thinking maybe there wouldn't be a sufficient amount of jello in the center of the cake, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Great idea my love. What else do you have up there?

P.S. I'm just about 99% sure that I will be attempting French Macaroons for the first time this week.  Wish me luck.   Do you think we can make a French Macaroon shaped jello shot? 

(For a kid friendly non-alcoholic version just use 1 cup cold water instead of vodka)

Strawberry Shortcake Jello Shots (Makes about 20 shots, broken cakes accounted for)
2 packages premade shortcake "bowls"
Strawberry Cream cheese
1 small box strawberry Jello
1 cup Pinnacle cake flavored vodka
1 cup water

1. Boil one cup water. When boiling add straberry jello packet right away. Stir until dissolved. Remove from heat.

2. Add 1 cup cold vodka, set mixture asside until it is room temperature.

3. Coat the inside of each shortcake bowl with cream cheese so it acts as a barrier and the jello won't absorb through the cakes.

4. Gently pour the jello into the cake bowls on top of cream cheese. Refridgerate until jello harders (2-5 hours) Check on cakes, topping them off with more jello as it harders so you have full shots. 

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  1. These look fabulous! How creative of you as well as your better half. Cake, vodka, cream cheese and strawberry-sounds like a winning combination to me. Not to mention makes for a stunning presentation. Great post!

    1. Thanks Tina! Headed over to your blog right now :)

  2. Hahaha I saw all of your pins yesterday about the macarons, spent about an hour reading up while procrastinating on grading. Got stuck on the ketchup macarons on David Leibowitz, crazy! I'm waiting for access to my parent's kitchen with the stand mixer and space to spread out but it's definitely on the to-do list. Brave lady.

    Super cute shots, as per usual!

  3. These look amazing, you put my jello shots to shame! Macaroon jello shots, or macaroons in general for that matter, sound incredible, can't wait to see them!

  4. Hahaha, cute idea. I definitely think you should attempt french macaron-shaped jello shots! I'm sure there's a mold for that :)

  5. Ooooh, I am hooked! :)
    (And you have quite the jello shot consumption ;) )

  6. Haha - I wondered what you'd come up with for spring. ;-)

    1. I think I might have a few more spring tricks up my sleeve too! :)

  7. These are super cute. I would love to have these at a grown up Easter party :)

  8. These are adorable. I bet they are delicious too!

  9. Oh girl, you never disappoint with these! LOVE these ones!

  10. Your jello shots are always so creative, but these really take the cake! I need to find some cake flavored vodka fast!

  11. Hi all. Just wanted to give you my twist on these. I follwed the Jello portion of this recipe (delicious) and then switched it up a bit. I pulled the green tops off of large strawberries, and slightly trimmed the bottoms flat. Then use a small melon baller to hollow them out. Poured the cooled Jello mix in and refridgerated them. When they were set, I topped the with REAL whipping cream. Easy to pop right in the ol' kisser!!! Love your version too Michelle. Thanks for the idea. P.S. I tried your carmel apple shots too... a huge hit at the party! -Rosie


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