Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cherry Rum Drunken Donuts

I am so excited to share this post with you,  I've been patiently waiting all week!

I have to give full credit for this idea to my fiance who is always thinking out of the box, and in this case the jelly donut box. 

These are little powdered munchkin donuts filled with cherry jello, spiked with rum.  Wouldn't these be adorable for a brunch with the ladies or a bridal shower?  Drunken Donuts!

Not only are they pretty, but they taste amazing. I had to hold back from eating too many! After all, they are donuts, buzz inducing donuts!

Look at that gorgeous color. You could use any color jello, or any kind of alcohol (amaretto and grape would be delicious!)

Another plus, this is a very inexpensive party treat, it's about $7 for a box of 50 donut holes, not bad at all!

I am home sick today, I don't know if it's allergies or if I have a cold but I can't stop coughing and my throat is on fire. I'm thinking these drunkin donuts might be just what I need to kill that cough!

Shopping List
24 donut holes (any kind works but I prefer the classic powdered)
1 small box cherry jello
1 cup spiced rum
1 cup water

1. Boil cup of water, add jello packet and stir. Let cool slightly

2. Pour jello and 1 cup rum into a spouted cup (a measuring cup usually works)

3. Peirce a hold in donuts, deep but not all the way through. I used a meat thermometer to poke the holes. 

4. Place donuts on a cookie sheet with the hole side up, carefully pour the jello mixture in to the holes, letting them fill. Fill once and repeat. Remove donuts from cookie sheet and place on another clean cookie sheet. Some jello will spill outside the holes and you don't want it to solidify on the outside.

5. Refrigerate for 2 hours and serve!

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  1. those look soooo good! I miss doughnuts. I have never seen a gluten free doughnut... ever.
    Hope you feel better! :)

  2. A boozy donut bite, I am in-yum! I do understand why you had a hard time resisting these little gems. Tasty and creative idea!
    My hubby just went to the doctor. The doctor asked do you start to cough and then can't seem to quit? He said yes and the doctor said he knew just what he had and it was going around. He gave him a shot as well as prescriptions. I hope you get better!

  3. Jello "poke" cake is one of my FAVS, so uh, yeah. I'll be making these!

  4. My mom used to make jello cake! I think this might be easier if you used a mini muffin tin to stand the doughnut holes up? That way you don't have to transfer after filling and they won't roll away!

    1. A mini muffin tin might work! It could get messy though since there is excess jello that overflows.

  5. Hot dang. They are like tiny poke cakes filled with booze. niiiiice.

  6. Why have I never thought of this?! Brilliant, future hubby. :)


  7. No. Freaking. Way! I'm so making these!

  8. Wow these sound amazing! Who doesn't love munchkins, rum filled munchkins can only be better! Great idea!

  9. National Donut Day is in the near future.... I'd say a definite must for any celebration!

  10. Drunken doughnuts, lol - LOVE it! Hi, Michelle theses look nom nom!!! Loved the shamrock jell-o shots too =) have a great weekend!

  11. Oh wow, what naughty little explosions! :)


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