Monday, February 20, 2012


I've been missing I know, but I'm back ....

A few things have happened over the last month or two that had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but things are about to simmer down. Kind of.

I got a new job! It was a long process but I got it! Tomorrow I will start my new job at a think tank in DC as a "Senior Media Associate." Fancy schmancy right?

Also, I turned 30. Sigh... But it was a perfect day thanks to my fiance and friends.  It started out with brunch with the soon to be hubby and then he took me on a shopping spree for new work clothes.  I'm a lucky, lucky lady.

Below is a photo of us celebrating later that night at Jaleo (my favorite restaurant).

In other news -- just to add to the chaos --  we are moving. My commute is about to change A LOT but it will be worth it.

I'm off work today (Happy Birthday George Washington) so I plan to do some packing, and blogging. I came up with this killer "Bang Bang Cauliflower" recipe that I will post soon.

Thanks for bearing with me while I dropped off the blogosphere. I promise more fun party treats are coming soon.


  1. Sounds like alot of exciting things are happening! Best of luck with everything!

  2. I adore this restaurant. Their fried bacon wrapped dates... out of this world! I wish I lived in DC so I could eat them all the time! Happy turning 30. :)


    1. The fried dates wrapped in bacon are sooooooooo good :)

  3. Sounds like a terrific bday! And welcome back :)

  4. Happy late Birthday and congrats on the new job!

  5. Congratulations, Michelle! I hope your new job will be fabulous, just like you :-) Happy belated birthday, too! I look forward to reading about the cauliflower recipe.

  6. Congrats and looking forward to seeing you back in the 'sphere' :)

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I loved Jaleo when I lived in DC.

  8. I just stumbled upon your blog through pinterest, and I'm excited to follow! Anyone whose favorite restaurant is Jaleo is a total winner in my book :) Also, totally making that cauliflower recipe tonight!


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