Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Strawberries & Cream Bars

Yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday was pureeing strawberries and whipping egg-whites and sugar until glossy white peaks formed ...

It was a “Congratulations: You Made the Foodbuzz Top 9!” kind of day.

It was doggie daycare for my Honey Bear where she played and played and played until she just couldn't play anymore (impossible?!)

It was tennis until it was too dark to see and then “your meatloaf is the best thing in the whole world” for dinner.

It was laughing so hard you cry while brushing your teeth.

And even though, my strawberries and cream bars were not as good as Pips, and they melted before they even made it to my mouth.

It’s okay because, yesterday was still a really good day.

Shopping List (recipe from Pip&Ebby)
2 lbs. Strawberries (2 medium plastic containers from store)
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla
2/3 cup heavy whipping cream
7 egg whites

Halve and hull your strawberries and then place them in a food processor with 3/4 cup sugar and puree until smooth.

Pour into a 9x13 inch dish and freeze. Mix up the "slushing" strawberries every 30 minutes for 2 hours and then smooth with a rubber spatula.

With an elextric mixer beat your egg whites until they are foamy (high speed) gradually add 3/4 cup sugar and mix until your get glossy, firm peaks. (About 4 minutes)

Pour your egg whites in a separate bowl and clean your mixer.

Next mix your 2/3 cup whipping cream and table spoon of vanilla until it’s thick and puffy. (Again about 4 minutes)

Spread this mixture on top of the freezing strawberry puree. Cover and freeze for at least 24 hours. My bars didn’t get that solid. The minute they were outside of the freezer they started to melt.

The flavor is worth it though. Perhaps serve them individually in a bowl with a spoon, or try freezing them for two days instead. (let me know how yours turn out  or  if you have made them before!)


  1. I love the sound of your day! Seriously, this post made me tear up :)

  2. I love you Liz. You're the greatest :) Thank you.

  3. I want to have that kind of a day! Instead I am tired, and want a nap. Hopefully tomorrow :) As long as that taste good, that is all that matters!

  4. These look amazing Michelle. I see more top nine in your future :-D

  5. I'm so glad that yesterday was a good day for you :-) Me, too! I hope the rest of the week will be, too! As for these bars... they're some kind of awesome :-)

  6. "Good day" is definitely a relative term, isn't it. I'm glad that yesterday was so good and I definitely think your bars are outstanding.

  7. nice to hear that yesterday was a such a good day for you :)

    i wish i had these bars yesterday when i was out in the heat. it was sooo hot!

    -Abeer @

  8. The strawberry bars look incredible and I'm glad you had a terrific day...I love those sort of days!

  9. What a fun day and beautiful dessert. Thanks for sharing!

  10. You just make irresistibly delicious eye catching bars!

  11. Congratulations on top 9! And your great day!

  12. So delicious! Meg has the best stuff over at her site. I make it allllll the time :) I think yours turned out beautifully! And so glad you had such an awesome day! Buzzed

  13. You sounded like you had a perfect day. Especially the strawberries and cream ending. YUM! : )

  14. Beautiful bars! Love the colours. Yah, I remember those Pip & Ebby bars. Delicious.

  15. This made me smilleee, what a nice summery feeling and just plain happy post! Your bars look gorgeous too, and the meltyness just adds to the fun! :)

  16. These are so beautiful; I have to make these immediately! Congrats on making the Top 9; you so deserve it!

  17. Hi! Love this, was just reviewing to make them and I wasn't sure what to do with the egg whites. Should I add them into the whipping cream mixture? Help!


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