Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Beachy

The 4th of July holiday was everything it should have been.  Children laughing and eating ice cream... sparklers and little fireworks in the driveway.

Long afternoons reading by the pool (frequently interrupted by wet noodle fights) and walks along the beach at dusk.  Sleep and repeat.

We stopped at a farmers market on the long drive home today, I got some fresh peaches (I can actually smell them right now all the way from the kitchen) and real deal North Carolina BBQ sauce to try out in my new pressure cooker this week. 

Pinch me.


  1. I think I have those same flip flops :)

  2. Totally jelly! Can't wait to hear more about it tonight at happy hour!

  3. That little girl with the ice cream is freaking gadorable! Great holiday :)


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