Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grape and Bacon Goat Cheese Pops

Oh man ... These cheese pops make me want to do bad, bad things.

Like eat gobs of cranberry goat cheese covered in bacon when I am on a diet and then justify it by arguing that "goat cheese is lower in fat and calories than other cheeses" and "it's mostly grapes so it's healthy!"

Salty and sweet, subtle yet tart.  Crunchy and creamy.  Oh they are dangerous.

I think this diet is actually inspiring me to come up with crazy, delicious things. Things I know I shouldn't have.   I'm like a tortured artist.

But really, I saw these cheese pops first on The Kitchen.

I added grapes in the cheese and on the stick for an easier bite. I would probably serve them as a dessert/cheese option at a dinner party. They are a bit time consuming to make more than 5 or 6 and very rich.

Shopping List

10 slices bacon (I used peppered bacon but maple would be really good too)
4 ounces cranberry goat cheese
2 ounces cream cheese (not whipped)
1 tablespoons chopped lemon thyme (or any herb of choice)
Bunch of red grapes
Lolly pop sticks (can be picked up at any Michael's craft stores or ordered here)
( Serves 6 )

I first crisped up the bacon in the microwave, 1 minute per slice is a good rule to go by. You want the bacon really well cooked, not chewy.  Pat all of the excess grease off the cooked bacon with a paper towel and let it cool.

While it's cooling carefully puncture three grapes (through the center) onto your stick.

Put your bacon in a food processor and pulse until it's fully crumbled and place the crumbles in a separate bowl adding your chopped herbs. Clean your food processor accessories.

Place your cheeses into the cleaned food processor and combine completely. Should be a light purple color. Roll about a tablespoon of cheese into a ball and press the top of that ball onto the last grape on the stick. Mold it into a new ball so the grape is in the center.

Place your goat cheese and grape pops in the freezer as you finish them for about five minutes each to firm up.

The bacon bits won't just stick to the cheese when you roll them in it, you have to pat the bacon on to each pop covering it completely.


These pops hold up well in the freezer -- and frozen grapes are awesome.


  1. Those look like a great bite for a buffet! Love them!

  2. I love off the wall kinda stuff and this certainly there, They look and sound awesome..

  3. As usual, I must say...omg these look amazin! I wish we were neighbors so I could try all the things you make!

  4. What an intersting little pop! I'm trying to imagine how it all tastes together, looks scrumptious

  5. Beautiful presentation! I love it! I think I'll make these some time!

  6. they look devine but who doesn't love cheese on a stick.

  7. This looks amazing.Would sear any table:)Great idea!

  8. These are beautiful, Michelle!! You could blow your diet with much unhealthier foods ;)

  9. I am going to use green grapes because the red ones were so tiny. Also, I wish I saw the post about using toothpicks instead. I finally found lollipop sticks and they are sort of thick ... I am sure these will be a big hit!


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