Saturday, April 16, 2011

Servathon 2011

Today we woke up at 7am (it's Saturday) for "Servathon," an effort to bring together young people in the DC area and give back to the community. It's basically a morning of community service (8,000 youngsters this year) and then a bar crawl in the Dupont Circle area after.

In 2009 I cleaned a library in Chinatown. Last year we painted the map of the United States on a elementary school playground. This year we painted murals inside an elementary school. (I can't take credit for this good habit, a very good friend has been a very good influence)

Last year, while I painted certain states pink, a tall, funny guy named Nick purposely picked pink paint too and followed me around the map until I gave him my phone number. The rest is history <3

Tomorrow I am headed to the farmers market down the road with my camera. I plan on getting some bright photos and fresh ingredients for a spring salsa!


  1. So much fun for such a great cause - awesome! Love the mural!

  2. good for you guys. wish i could be a part, but i live so far away. also is that a typo? bar crawl? bear crawl?

  3. Thanks guys! And that mural was the most simple. There was an Obama mural that was amazing. I just liked the saying on that one. Vashrave -- thanks! No typo though, a bar crawl is right, like a pub crawl, bar hop, you know -- go to several bars in one area for drink specials. :)

  4. LOL thats what I initially thought...but crawling seems much more correct.

  5. I love that you met at Servathon! Last year, I picked up crack baggies in the SE from the parks...I think pink paint is a better way to fall in love :)


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