Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I love about this Sunday

1. This photo of my love that I found while we went through old photographs at his parents house. (Not to mention that we also had homemade pho for dinner...if you haven't had it, look it up and find the nearest restaurant asap)

2. Weeping Willow trees are my favorite. The ones in our apartment complex are just beginning to bloom and they are bright yellow and gorgeous in contrast to the blue sky right now.

3. Warmer weather means more play time outside for Honey, which means shes happier... Tired and happy Honey on a Sunday.

4. We have a new friend, we haven't named him yet. Any ideas?

5. And if you live in DC you know what this means... Spring time baby. There are only a few cherry blossoms blooming in my apartment complex right now, but just you wait... a couple more weeks and they will be everywhere.


  1. What a cute picture of your love!!! Those Cherry Blossoms are beautiful! Love this post!

  2. I'm so pumped for the cherry blossoms too! There are a few around us but I'm ready for a whole bunch! :)

  3. so pretty! I love spring things. as for the shoes on my page if you click on the link i think it will take you to them! Im pretty sure they were reasonable on amazon!

  4. I saw how reasonable they were and got so excited. But they are sold out like...everywhere. I will have to look for something similar. Love them.

  5. I was in DC once this time of year and it was absolutely beautiful with all of the cherry blossoms. Spring IS coming! :)

    By the way, your dog is a sweetheart.


  6. weeping willows are my favorite trees, too! I love the old photo, I can't enough at looking at old photos of my man.

  7. Great blog and photography!

  8. My friend is leaving for D.C. to look at the Cherry Blossoms this weekend! Love your photography!



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