Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes

I've been so good about not making sweets... I even gave up candy for lent and haven't cheated once! But today is my co-worker Brian's birthday and I had to make an exception. They told me Brian really likes orange flavored things. Now, I have to give credit where credit is due... My adorable boyfriend suggested the creamsicle flavor. Good idea babe. 

These were really easy, and are surprisingly light.

*One box orange flavored cake (prepared as the box directs) *Two cups heavy whipping cream *1/2 cup powdered sugar *Two oranges for garnish (why not try candy orange slices instead?!)
Makes about two dozen cupcakes
After you prepare the cupcakes, whip the heavy cream until it becomes light and fluffy, slowly adding the powdered sugar while you mix until you get your desired sweetness. By using whipped cream instead of frosting you get the flavors of a creamsicle rather than orange cake. Slice orange quarters for garnish. (Keep them refrigerated before you serve them, the cream is delicate and will melt easily)

I love how fresh and bright they are! Now if only the sun would come out...


  1. YUM! Good job for sticking to your diet. I've been carb free for like 5 months, and I still have to cheat every so often to keep my sanity.

    The other night though, I made Smore cupcakes--chocolate chip graham cracker cupcake with marshmellow frosting. NOM.

  2. Oh I will so be making these soon! Orange creamsicles are my favorite, iv even resorted to eating the yoplait creamsicle flavor.

  3. Oh those look so delicious! And major props to you for being able to give up candy. I have such a sweet tooth, so I don't think I'd make it!

  4. These look delicious! and perfect for these warmer months! :)

  5. those cupcakes looks yummy! and love your header witht he puppy, so cute...i loove animals following, hope you can too! i just started so i'd really appreciate the support :-)

  6. omg these look so good! I love orange creamsicles...thank you for sharing!

  7. Those look delish! You are amazing!


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