Friday, December 10, 2010


I love bittersweet movies. I cried my eyes out (loudly) in the theater with my best friend Jamie when we saw The Notebook and it's one of my favorite memories with her. There is something about a good "movie cry" that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Although for me it's easy... I cry sometimes while watching "My First Place" on HGTV. Pathetic.

This clip is from an 80's movie that is one of my favorites. My mom and I used to watch it all the time. In Stella "The title character is a vulgar and unfashionable single mother who, determined to give her daughter Jenny all the opportunities she never had, ultimately makes a selfless sacrifice to ensure her happiness" (wiki). The clip enters with Stella crying in her living room. She just pretended to not care about Jenny in order to force her to want to live with her father who Stella believes can give her a better life. The wedding scene breaks my heart every time.


  1. wait, is it WEIRD to cry during any and all HGTV shows then?? oh no, I'm in trouble because "designed to sell" get's me often. hahahah;)love a good cry. love being a girl and being able to admit to it with no judgment too!!

  2. Oh I bawl my eyes out when I watch sappy love stories! The Notebook was no exception, and Dear John, Time Traveler's wife... haha!


  3. Meredith you just made my day! Im not the only one?! That's awesome. I will admit that I cry watching Paula Deen make friend chicken sometimes too ;) Love your blog and style. Photos look great.

    Sands when did you get that H&M fur collar? I've been looking for one!

  4. I love those kinds of movies too!! I cried at the last two movies from Miley Cyrus, took my daughters to see them and I was balling! LOL! My days taking them may be numbered if I keep that up!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. I haven't seen that movie, I will definitely watch it tonight. I cry easily at movies too, crying while watching "My First Place" has yet to happen, lol too funny.


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