Monday, December 20, 2010

Honey's Home!

We finally picked her up today. Nick had to cuddle her up inside his jacket because it was so cold outside. I melted. She is littler, softer, cuddlier and cuter than I could ever have imagined. We are in love. She's a Birthday/Christmas doggie. Welcome home Honey <3. (more pictures to come, I have to make a birthday cake tonight. Lemon with strawberry,lemon filling and cream cheese frosting.)


  1. She's too cute!! Congrats! The cake sounds great...I started baking last night and hope to finish today (not really into it this year, though)!

    Happy Tuesday!!

  2. Thank you! We adore her. I wasn't crazy about how the lemon filling tasted before I put it in the cake but we will find out tonight!

    Happy Tuesday to you too :)

  3. Aww she is so cute! Good luck!


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