Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Every Girl Needs Red Shoes

Check out my new suede red pumps! Hat tip to Kendi Lea at Kendi Everyday for her awesome blog and style. She wears these shoes frequently and they are so cute. The only thing is they are more of an orange color than red. It really depends on the light. I still love them. I think I am going to get the nude color as well.

Here are some oufits Kendi wore them with that I love: Lazy, Plain and Simple, Ebb and Flow, and last but not least this sassy outfit.

Thanks again Kendi.


  1. i love kendi - her posts are so inspiring :) good call on the shoes, they're adorable!

  2. Aren't they ? :) I liked the cream colored cardigan over the plaid on your blog. Sometimes I just don't think of these things. Thank god for blogs!

  3. thanks! i am so glad you liked it - and seriously, blogs are the best! i'm completely addicted.

  4. So funny. I have the same shoes in nude. Unfortunately overtime I have worn them even though they have small heels they've been proven to be incredibly uncomfortable

  5. Mine aren't that bad actually, and I usually have really sensitive feet. Aside from them looking more orange than red the only other issue is that they are a tad too big but I know a size 5 would be WAY too small.


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