GIVEAWAY: Yep, LuLaRoe Leggings Really Do Feel Buttery

What is this LuLaRoe stuff all over my Facebook feed? What the heck is a unicorn? Wait … these are cute dresses. But, how do I buy something?

Yep. That’s how it went for me.

I am not a fashion blogger. I just can’t pull it off. But these leggings you guys. I have to talk about these leggings. I’m so into these leggings that I am willing to post photos of myself in my messy living room. That’s love.

I was a little confused at first about how all this works. At times I still am. I’m not a consultant/seller and I’m new to the LuLaRoe game. But as a newcomer, let me break down in an honest way.

1. They really do feel “buttery.” I pulled them out of the package when it arrived at work and brought them over to a co-worker to feel. She touched them and instantly said “ohhhhhhhhh.” It makes me wonder why I ever bought those cheap, stiff leggings that cut me off in the wrong place at my stomach. So terrible. Not these. They are priced well too (just $25).


2. TRIGGER WARNING: Be prepared to want more. I started with some solid colors. Then I got brave and tried aprint. I’m hooked now. I need dresses and shirts (that cover my butt) because imagine if they are as soft as the leggings ? (They are)

Let’s be honest about what my life is like on the weekends when I’n not in my cooperate get up. I get spit up on. I wipe boogers. I am chasing a crawling baby and a strong willed toddler all across the county. There is no time for anything but comfort. I feel both comfortable and cute in these clothes.

I’m also obsessed with baseball tee’s and they have them in every color you could possibly think of. Also see …. my dog and the bathroom. Yep, not a fashion blogger.


3.Once you know what LuLaRoe is you will see it everywhere. Look around. At the mall. At the fall festival. Even at work. I started to see it everywhere. How did they know before me? How did moms know about these leggings and I didn’t? When I was visiting Ericka in Indiana, a woman said something to me at a restaurant. “Is that LuLaRoe? I love them!” #Lularoe produces a million posts regularly on instagram and they are all amazing.

4. Here is how it works: You join a Facebook group with someone who is a consultant or seller. I buy from my friend Joelee (she is offering a giveaway for all my readers that join her group, just let her know in a comment you came from my blog! Three of you will get free leggings. What’s better than that?)

After you join a VIP group, you wait for them to have sales. Jolee does hers on Thursdays. They post images of the clothes in albums in their photo section. You may also notice other groups, like Friday night mass sales. I totally watch these live shopping sales and or mass postings of photos of leggings and dresses while waiting for Austin to fall asleep. It’s addicting.

5. Next comes the whole unicorn thing. Like pineapple print leggings. You can’t find them anywhere anymore. It happens. So you become obsessed and wait for these sales. Hoping to find them.

You will also notice that you only want things after someone else has bought them. I didn’t think twice about that print, but then I’m all like. DAMN. THOSE ARE CUTE. Crap now I have to look through a million other sellers pages to find them. #unicorn.


Okay. So that’s how it goes. Go get yourself some leggings over at Jolee’s page and don’t tell my husband about my new clothing obsession.

Happy Friday and God bless our veterans.

NEW Candy Corn Jello Shots

I worked on some new jello shot recipes with one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE publishers this season! Check out the amazing video that Delish made with one of the recipes! More to come soon,

Recipe here.

Happy Friday Things

It’s almost the weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend. Who is going to a fall festival?


Awesome kiddo crafts, exercise motivation, healthy treats and family warm fuzzies. Steph and I have kids the exact same age and I adore her.


If you haven’t started listening to the Girlboss podcast you MUST. There are so many episodes I love but here is a good one from Whitney Wolfe, founder of Tinder and CEO of Bumble. (Starts at 14:30)

Happy Friday Things

Hi guys! I’m trying out something new. The goal is to give you something every Friday to inspire you.

A quote or someone cool I think you will want to follow. Something interesting or motivating to listen to (I’m obsessed with podcasts right now but it could be a song too!) Something you will want to cook or drink… You get the idea.

Happy Friday! Let me know what you think.



Jillian is wife of the bassist for Weezer and has a fascinating story. I couldn’t stop listening.

Life Lately: The Outer Banks Slightly Off Season

We just returned from a little late summer getaway with friends in Southern Shores, North Carolina. I really like “off season.”

No traffic. Quiet beaches for morning runs. Can’t you just feel that breeze off the water? It was just about 70 degrees each morning.

We took long morning walks along Duck Rd. and got iced coffee and donuts.


Lilly napped in my arms on the beach while I sipped blueberry beerwatching Austin and Nick play in the sand and waves.